Request an Enrollment Verification Certificate

How can students obtain verification of their enrollment?

Students may obtain enrollment verification certificates free of charge through the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site. Students may mail the printed certificate to health insurers and any other organizations requiring proof of enrollment. The certificate should not be used for loan deferment verification purposes. Students can access Student Self-Service Enrollment Certification by logging into Wolverine Access using their unique name and UMICH Kerberos password. From the Student Self-Service menu, go to Academic Records, then select Enrollment Certification.

This service is currently available only to students who attended the University of Michigan after summer 2000. For enrollment certifications prior to fall 2000, please use the Certification Form.

Enrollment data will be available the second week of the fall and winter terms with monthly updates. Enrollment data for the spring, summer and spring/summer terms will be available in late July.

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