Remote Windows Initial Login

Ideally, initial logins should be done at SPH on the U of M network.  Sometimes this isn’t possible though, so we have a procedure for doing an initial login remotely.  

  1. Login to the computer using the sph-guest account.  The password is P@ssw0rd (P @ s s w zero r d).
  2. Connect to the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).  You can select UMVPN – All Traffic or UMVPN – Only U of M Traffic
  3. Once the VPN is connected hit CTRL + ALT + DEL.  On the lock screen that comes up you will select “Switch User”
  4. On the login screen, you can login using your university credentials.

Once you’re successfully logged in with your U of M credentials restart the computer.  

Now you will be able to log in using your U of M credentials.  


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