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All SPH classrooms and auditoriums are equipped with audio-visual (AV) systems and a Windows computer that offer projection, video conferencing and lecture capture. SPH Classroom Support will ensure these systems work up to the point of our input connections. Beyond that, any personal laptops/tablets/adapters etc. will receive "best effort" support. We cannot guarantee the performance of user-supplied devices or connectors. If a user is unable to project or operate their device, we will direct you to use the installed classroom AV equipment and computer. These systems are frequently tested to minimize any problems.

SPH Classroom Support is unable to provide equipment operators for your class or meeting, but will gladly meet with you in advance to ensure that you are comfortable with the operation of the equipment you have scheduled. Please schedule training a minimum of one week (7 days) prior to your event or class. In addition, staff will respond promptly during normal business hours to emergency requests for assistance; call 734.763.4192 or 734.936.1247, or email sph.help@umich.edu.

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