Mac Virus Removal

For anti-virus protection on University-Owned computers, the University of Michigan Flint currently recommends Crowdstrike Falcon (CSF) Anti-Virus for Mac. Please note that if you have a University-Owned computer CSF will not need you to install it manually as this process has been automated. If you have a personally owned computer you can still install Sophos.

Intended Audience

This article is for the benefit of faculty, staff, and students who own Mac computers.


To install Sophos, you must have a Mac with OSX 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) or newer. To check what version of OSX you have to follow the directions below:

  1. Click the Apple Menu button at the top left.
  2. Click About This Mac.
  3. Under OS X it says the version number of the operating system.

Installing Sophos (Personal devices)

*Note it is recommended to uninstall all other anti-virus programs prior to installing Sophos. Directions for removing an older version of Sophos can be found here:


  1. To download Sophos, go to
  2. Under Mac OS, scroll down to the SOPHOS HOME FREE section
  3. Click the Download Now button.
  4. Then click the Download Now button in the Free Download option
  5. Once finished downloading, open the SophosInstall folder and double-click the Sophos Installer.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation. You will notice the Sophos shield present in the macOS menu bar.

University-Owned Devices

University-Owned Macs come preloaded with Crowdstrike Falcon antivirus software, additional antivirus is not needed.

Additional Information

For additional information about how to protect your computer, see our Protecting Your Computer article at the following link:


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