How can I embed a Google Calendar in a page on my WordPress site?


Getting the embed code

To embed a Google Calendar, the calendar must first be made public. Begin by navigating to Google Calendar and clicking on the kebab menu on the calendar you wish to embed. Then, click Settings and sharing:

options to display calendars

Navigate to the Access permissions for events section and select the Make available to public checkbox:

make available to public checkbox

Navigate to the Integrate calendar section and copy the field labeled Embed code. You can also customize the look of your embedded calendar using the Customize button:

Integrate calendar screen with info

Embedding the calendar in the site

Once you’ve copied the embed code, open the block editor on whatever page or widget area you’d like the calendar to be embedded in, and add a new Embed block. If you’d like to know how to add a block, see here.

embed url blank

Syncing iCal with Google Calendar

Although we don't currently offer a way to embed iCal, you may sync iCal with your Google Calendar account and have your events show up in the embedded Google Calendar.



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