Are there any time limits when connecting to the Windows Remote Desktop Service?


The Windows Remote Desktop Service is a shared resource that is intended for interactive use. It is not intended to be used for long-running or batch processes. Students are encouraged to log out of their remote connection when their work is done, rather than simply closing the connection window. Logging out will immediately allow the remote computer to be used by another student.

In order to maintain the availability of the service, any session that is in a "Disconnected" state (i.e. connection closed, but not logged out) for 10 minutes is automatically logged out. If the connection is reestablished before the 10 minute window is up, the system will assign the same computer. This ensures that individuals who accidentally close their remote desktop window may still access their work by reconnecting immediately to the same computer.

If you wish to connect to a different computer after you have disconnected, but not logged out, you must wait at least 10 minutes before you will be assigned a new computer.



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