I made changes to the Bash dotfiles in my home directory, and now I can’t log into Linux CLSE computers. How do I fix this?


If you make any errors when editing the Linux dotfiles in your CAEN Home Directory, it may prevent you from successfully logging into computers running the Linux CLSE. The CAEN VNC client and SSH can also be affected by spurious output from the login shell, and prevent remote access. There are a couple options for accessing your home directory to fix (or reset) your files, so you can log into Linux again:

Use a CAEN Windows Computer

Since your Linux dotfiles are stored in your CAEN Home Directory, you can access them directly from any on-campus CAEN Windows computer, or via the Windows Remote Desktop Service:

  • Log into a CAEN Windows computer.
  • Open the File Explorer, and go to the network drive labeled CAEN Home Directory (N:).
  • Next, go into the dotfiles folder.
  • At the top of the Explorer window, click the View tab, and make sure the Hidden items box is checked:

In view menu hidden items checkbox

  • Find the file(s) you changed, such as .bashrc or .bash_profile.
  • Right-click each file, and select Rename:

Rename option

  • Add .old to the end of each file name.

You should then be able to log in successfully, and the dotfiles will be regenerated with the default configuration.

Use the Redot Command (SSH required)

If you are able to gain terminal access to a CAEN Linux login server via SSH, the /usr/caen/bin/redot command will reset your files for you. For more information, refer to our knowledge base article.



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