What are iClickers?

Student response systems, also known as "clickers," allow an instructor to query the entire class at once and test comprehension of lecture concepts through polling. Results of the query are available immediately to the instructor, and can be optionally shared with the entire class via the projector. At the University of Michigan, iClicker is widely used across many schools and colleges, including the College of Engineering.

iClicker is a flexible, user-friendly and reliable system that runs on both Windows and macOS platforms, and enables instructors to incorporate websites, media and virtually any other type of content. The iClicker response system is supported by CAEN for use in Engineering courses. Further details can be found on our main iClicker – Student Polling & Response System page.

The iClicker Student Response System is composed of two pieces of hardware:


iClicker remote          


             iClicker Receiver

  iClicker Receiver


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