As the instructor of a course, how can I export or download my recordings from the Lecture Recording System?

For Faculty & Instructors:

In order to download your lecture recordings, you will need to log into the management section of the lecture recording system, and follow these steps:

  • Find the site you want to download recordings from, and click Manage Recordings, e.g.:

  • You will then see a list of all the recordings for your site. Click the Edit button under the recording you wish to download.
  • In the Recording Formats box, click Video and Slides (High Quality), and select from two options:
    • Click Download, and the file should begin downloading automatically, or you will be prompted for a save location.
    • Click Send to Google Drive if you would rather put the recordings in your U-M Google Drive space.

If you do not see the Download or Send to Google Drive options and instead see an option Don't wait, create now, choose that to have the system create the necessary format. After some processing time, you can then come back to this menu and the download options should now appear:

A Note for Students:

Students can only download the lecture recordings if the primary course faculy instructor enables access.

Students who wish to download lecture recordings must contact their instructors directly. Only the designated instructors of a course have the ability to authorize download access, or provide the video files directly to students.


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