Michigan Medicine Procurement PO Summary of Award (SOPP)


Each week, the Michigan Medicine buying team will receive an Excel file containing all of the POs created by Michigan Medicine buyers meeting the following criteria:

  • The PO is over $10,000
  • The PO does not have a contract number associated with it
  • The PO was not system-generated

It is the responsibility of the Michigan Medicine buyers to review this list of POs and complete the Michigan Medicine PO Summary of Award form for all POs that meet the criteria for Summary of Award Regents Reporting.


  1. Navigate to the Michigan Medicine PO Summary of Award form and click the icon to begin a new ticket 
  2. Scroll to the section titled “Fields Populated from the PO” and begin filling in all the required fields. Note that all of the information within this section should be included in the Excel file and can be copied and pasted to avoid transcription errors.
  3. Scroll to the section titled “Required Summary of Award Information to be filled out by the Buyer” and complete the remaining fields within the ticket (anywhere from three to six fields depending on the conditions of the PO).
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the ticket.

Additional Information

Please note that these tickets will be getting a quick review from our Procurement Intake team to make sure that the information is complete (for example: the PO ID is ten digits, there is a reason entered for the non-competitive transactions, etc.). The Procurement Intake team is NOT checking for the accuracy of the information within the ticket, only that the ticket has been fully filled out. Please be sure that the information you have provided within the ticket is accurate before hitting the “Submit” button.

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