Troubleshooting issues when viewing lecture recordings


Basic troubleshooting for viewers encountering issues accessing lecture recordings.



Common issues with viewing lecture recordings & their resolutions 


Faculty or student devices being used to view the Lecture Recordings. 


If you encounter issues when viewing Lecture Recordings, here are some typical fixes that you can be tried:

1. Be sure that you follow the link from the Canvas course site or the direct link if one was provided by your instructors. In general, you must be signed in and have your session Duo-Authenticated in order to view recordings. Going to a course's list of recordings directly from a bookmark or in a Private browser could circumvent the authentication and may result in Lecture Recording not being viewable.

2. Clear your browsing history, stored cookies, and cache, then try again. You will most likely need to sign back in to your browser.

3. Use Google Chrome. Generally, the University of Michigan's sites are optimized for using Google Chrome. Other browsers typically work well, but may not be optimal due to any combination of operating systems, RAM, and other factors.

4. Disable AD-blocking plugins, then try again. Some Ad-blocker can modify the page JavaScript, block cookies or video files, preventing the player from working. If disabling the plugin works, there are ways in these plugins to add exceptions for our system so you can keep it enabled.

If you are still having issues after attempting these fixes, for please send the LSA Lecture Recording Admin team a message by visiting



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