Accessing Xerox printer features (Windows)



This document details how to access the Xerox printing options in Windows to change the defaults to choose the features appropriate for your print job. The features available to the end user are dependent on the model of Xerox printer and any finisher it has installed. If you would like to change your printing options, you will need to access the Xerox printing options within the print dialogue window. The printer model used as an example here is a Xerox Altalink C8055 with a finisher that has the stapling feature. There are other finishers available in the Xerox multifunction printers that provide features like hole punch and booklet printing as well. To change your printing options, such as single/double sided, stapling, and color, you will need to access the Printer Properties from within the application that you are using. In this example, MS Word is being used.

For information for Mac, refer to the "Accessing Xerox printer features (Mac)" article.


Windows OS  


1. Open the Print dialog, and ensure you have the correct printer listed. Click on Printer Properties right below the Printer you've selected.  (If you are printing from Adobe, select the printer in the Adobe print dialog dropdown list, and then click the Properties button next to the printer dropdown to get to the Xerox options window. If you are printing from the System Dialog, select Preferences to reach the Xerox Printing Preferences.) Default Print Select Printer Properties screen
2. You will see the Printing Options tab for the Xerox printer. The 2-sided printing, Finishing, and Xerox Black and White options are all listed on this tab. Xerox Printing Options screen
3. If you need to change the double-sided print setting, click the down arrow under "2-sided Printing". Select the option that you need. Xerox Select 2-Sided Printing Options screen
4. If you need stapling, click on the down arrow in the Finishing: option. You can choose between No Stapling, 1 Staple, or 2 Staples. Xerox Select Stapling Finishing Options screen
5. If you need to change between color or black and white, click on the down arrow in the Xerox Black and White option. For Black and White, select On, for color printing select Off (Use Document Color). Xerox Select Color Options screen
6. When finished, click OK. This will take you back to the Print dialog window.  
7. Set how many copies you are printing, and click on Print.  



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