Using Open OnDemand


Open OnDemand (OOD) is a way for researchers and students to use a web interface to access the Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services (ARC-TS) Great Lakes and Lighthouse High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

Open OnDemand supports the following features through a web browser: 

  • Remote Linux Desktop using VNC
  • Applications including Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, and MATLAB
  • File management
  • Job management and monitoring
  • Command line shell


In order to use OOD, you must first have a user login to the corresponding system. Request a user login by completing the form.

To submit any work, you must also be listed under a Slurm resource account. By default LSA users are added to one or more of the LSA public accounts. These can be used by those who do not have access to any other account.

To connect to the web application, you must be on an on-campus network or connected to the U-M VPN.

With both of these completed, navigate to in your web browser. OOD uses the standard U-M Weblogin for authentication and requires Duo. These steps are further outlined in the user guide.


Questions, issues, and help are all provided by contacting

The LSA TS RCI Research team has a group of HPC support staff who routinely assist LSA researchers in OOD and other HPC services.


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