HP printer "will damage your computer" error on Mac


There is an error (example: "HPDM.Framework will damage your computer") on the newer Mac OS 10.15 Catalina LSA Machines because HP did not renew certificates for some HP printers. The error normally occurs when you are trying to print a PDF, but the error has shown up in other instances as well. 


  1. Open the Search tool (Magnifying glass in top right corner) and look up the Service Provider Support application.
  2. Select the HP Printer Fixer.
  3. After the HP Printer Fixer runs, open Managed Software Center and choose "Updates."
  4. Click "Check Again" for updates; if none are listed, run all updates.
  5. After all updates have run, restart your computer.
  6. The error should not come up anymore; you can test this by opening a PDF and attempting to print it.

Please reach out to LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu if this does not solve the issue!


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Fri 11/13/20 11:59 AM
Fri 1/8/21 10:05 AM