Getting started with LSA Autopilot

Allows a university purchased Windows 10 computer to be delivered to a home environment and used out of the box with university software and security configurations using Windows Autopilot.


Setting up a new Windows 10 computer that was shipped directly to home by following the steps outlined in the Procedure section of this document. 


Windows 10, Autopilot


1.  The technician you’ve been working with needs to make sure you are set up for installation. Before turning the computer on, send the serial number to your technician by responding to your open ticket with us or emailing  We will let you know once everything is set up for proceeding to step 2.

2. After a technician has responded, turn on the computer and follow the prompts to set up language, keyboard, and connect to your local Wi-Fi. (Please note, more information on these steps can be found here: Windows Autopilot User-Driven Mode)

3. After you've connected to your local Wi-Fi you'll arrive at the following screen where you must select Set up for an organization and then click Next:


4. The following screen will then appear and require you to input your full UMICH email address (example: 



5. Once entered, the setup of your device will begin and the following screen will show the setup steps. (Please note, if this screen hangs longer than 15 minutes restart the computer by holding the power button until the display turns off. After turning the computer back on it should return to this screen).




6. Once your computer restarts, login to the following screen using your Uniqname and UMICH password.



7. Once logged in and a Desktop appears, connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN to begin downloading applications and leaving the computer turned for at least one hour. This application is located under the hidden icons up arrow on the taskbar. If the icon for Cisco AnyConnect VPN is not showing up, instructions can be found in the article: Connecting to a VPN (Windows).



Additional notes

Additional applications can be installed by using Software Center:

  1. Click the Start Menu.

  2. Click, "Software Center"

  3. Find the program you wish to install from the Available Software list.

  4. Check the selection box for the programs you want to install. You can install multiple programs at the same time.

  5. Click, "Install Selected" in the lower right of the window.

  6. When the program is ready to use, the status will turn to "Installed"

For full instructions using Software Center, see the article Installing software on LSA-managed Windows computers.


For any other troubleshooting needs please submit a request through any of the options available here:


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