LSA administrative applications list and site details


What are the list of supported applications by the Management and Information Systems (MIS) group within Web and Application Development Services (WADS)?


Refer to the LSA Gateway's Technology tile's "Administrative Applications" page for more information on how to access the sites, the audience for the site, requesting access and who is the site owner.

Most of these sites can also be found within the LSA Administrative Portal

Academic Affairs/Human Resources

Application Description
Advisory Council Matchup                                                Advisory council match up with interested faculty
Faculty Life Cycle Portal     The LSA Faculty Life Cycle is intended to be the single site that incorporates historical data and administrative processes supporting our tenure track faculty, capturing milestones from recruitment to retirement.
LSA Application Manager            A system to create and manage questionnaires and display information about applicants to those who would be reviewing applications. The system permits simple comments and scoring on applicants. Has been used for incoming Graduate students, new faculty applicants, GSI applications, UG majors where applications are required to be accepted.

Business Intelligence/Reporting

Application Description
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) / Staff Metrics Consists of profile items measuring many of the inputs (staffing, funding, space, energy) and outputs (credit hours, degrees), it also has demographics, and a section of ratios allowing comparisons of departments' productivity.
LSA DAR The user interface GUI to the DAR table-views Nick Hadwick and the BI team develop in Tableau.
LSA Department Annual Reports A Tableau-based set of 6 dashboards showing teaching, degree and funding information. Many of the displays are based on KPI. The Dean uses this in annual meetings with the chairs.
Management Reporting System (MRS) A collection of reports covering Admissions, Students, Finance, Budget, HR, Courses, Research Admin and Facilities.
OEE Quartile Data by Course Grouping A way of grouping different courses to aggregate Q1-Q4 scores. Created for the Philosophy Dept but could be used for other departments that would like to see multiple courses clustered rather than individual course or class data.
Dean's Dashboard                                                                   A portal accesses to a collection of Tableau reports designated for a selected user group in Dean's Office.


Application Description
Commitments Recruiting, Retention, Chair/Director and Award commitments to faculty. Tracks financial commitments as well as teaching releases.
Gateway to Internal Funding (eGIF) System for faculty and graduate students to apply for funding opportunities from within the University - mainly from OVPR, LSA, II and the Institute for the Humanities. There may be other funding offices as well.
LSA Art Survey Collects the various department art/display items for insurance and reporting requirements.
Salary Program Allows departmental administrators to enter salary recommendations for faculty and staff. The Dean's Office reviews and approves the new rates. The process runs annually over the summer.
Procurement (OPS - Online Purchasing System) Used for submitting, procuring, tracking and distribution of order requests which are routed through per department customized workflows for approvals. Financial Operations also performs analysis on the dataset for efficiency and oversight.
Productivity Tools and Apps                                                        Productivity Tools and Apps to Simplify Your Work Life.

LSA Advancement

Application Description
College Connect College Connections is the alumni/student information collection tool used by DMC for marketing and fundraising.

Student Services/Academic Advising/Curriculum

Application    Description
Academic Reporting Toolkit (ART) A set of reports that shows varying information about student enrollment in courses, grades, standard test scores and co-enrollment. A new version has been developed by the Office of Academic Innovation, but does not have the same functionality as ART 1.0.
Course Syllabi Archive Management Tool     Syllabi are available to current LSA students. IMPORTANT: These syllabi are provided to give students a general idea about the courses, as offered by LSA departments and programs in prior academic terms. The syllabi do not necessarily reflect the assignments, sequence of course materials, and/or course expectations that the faculty and departments/programs have for these same courses in the current and/or future terms.    
InterGroup Relations (IGR)     System where students apply to take IGR courses - to either be a student, to take training to be a facilitator, or to be a facilitator.    
LSA Course Guide     Public web site listing classes relevant to LSA students. Students can search by various attributes. Live section availability information, links to course syllabi and Student Explorer are included on the Detail page for each class.    
LSA Course Maintenance     Used by LSA Dean's Office and department staff to manage workflow and maintain information related to the LSA Course Guide, course approvals (CARFs), program approvals (PARFs), degree audit course list updates, etc.    
LSA Graduate Student System     System containing detailed information about LSA Graduate Student - Applicants and Students. Contains test scores    
LSA Major and Minors Information Service                                             API which provides data to the public LSA Major and Minor web pages.    
LSA myGuide     Used by LSA students prior to orientation. Includes status of and links to required and optional tasks, as well as links to information pages for LSA, Office of New Student Programs, etc.    
LSA Petitions     Used by students, staff and instructors for workflow related to petitions and other academic advising business processes.    
LSA SAA Orientation Scheduling     Used by LSA Newnan Advising Center only to schedule advisors and incoming students for LSA orientation activities.    
Testing Accommodation Center (TAC)     Management system for LSA's Testing Accommodation Center (TAC). Faculty utilize the system to make testing accommodation requests for students. Administrators/staff utilize the system to approve/deny requests, as well as manage the center in general (TAC calendar w/ availability, carrell scheduling, announcements, etc)    
UG Academic Progress Reports     Used by instructors from any UM school or college to submit progress reports for undergraduate students on their class rosters. Instructors for a subset of courses are sent an email request to submit reports mid October and mid February.    
UG Advising Appointment System     Used by offices across UM to maintain calendars of available/scheduled appointments for advisors and mentors. Managed by LSA. Students are able to schedule online via office self-service pages.    
UG Laptop Loaner Program     A module within the UG Recruiting system for tracking eligibility to get a laptop loan from the College, and to manage the communications regarding this program.    
UG Recruiting     This is a page incoming students are instructed to visit to request information from Michigan Learning Communities. MCL offices then run reports to pull the info and contact the students.    
UG Student Advising File     Used by faculty advisors and department staff across UM for multiple purposes - to view student information; record advising interactions; maintain advisor/student assignments; manage academic reviews, LSA degree audits, NCAA eligibility evaluations, cross-campus communication of releases/declarations/exceptions, Sweetland Directed Self Placement records, etc.    
UROP The system used by UROP to manage applications to participate by both students and by Researchers (faculty). Once approved, students work with faculty on research projects, are assigned to peer groups, get grades, track hours worked, create a summary and symposium poster/abstract. This is the central system that manages these processes.    
ELI Advising System     System for tracking exam scores and recommendations for students whose first language is not English. Includes specific recommendations for GSIs    
Graduate Admissions     Interface for assigning applications to faculty for reading and ranking during admit cycle.    


Application Description
Chrome Extension Productivity Tools     Chrome ChartField Converter and Chrome UM Directory Search.    
Classroom Database                                                

The MClassrooms website was developed by the College of Literature, Science & the Arts Instructional Support Services group to provide information about classrooms in the academic units at the University of Michigan.

This application includes information about installed audio-visual technology, connectivity, room capacity and other characteristics. This data reflects the room attributes in M-Pathways and the Space Survey. In addition, the MClassrooms website site provides photographs, 3D panoramas, maps and contact information specific to each room.






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