You must be a member of the LSA Forum MCommunity Group error accessing LSA Intranet


Accessing the LSA Intranet MiVideo site to watch LSA training videos gives the following error:

You must be a member of the LSA Forum MCommunity Group. If you feel this message is in error, please contact LSA IT for assistance.


LSA Intranet


  1. User must be a member of an MCommunity group that is itself a member of MiVideo LSA Intranet SupportGroupMaster.
  2. Find out the new user's department(s).
  3. Find their MCommunity department admin group that belongs to the MiVideo group (e.g., dmc-admins for LDEV).
  4. Track down the owner of the department admin group and request new user be added to its members.
  5. Once the user is added and sync'd, they will be able to log into without trouble.


User isn't a member of the MCommunity group that allows access to the LSA training videos. User doesn't have permission to view videos.


  • If you can't see which groups are a part of the MiVideo LSA Intranet SupportGroupMaster MCommunity group then you might not have the correct permissions to view them.
  • If a user is experiencing this error, more than likely, they are still in the middle of the onboarding process and their superior hasn't added them to the correct MCommunity groups yet.


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Fri 5/29/20 2:05 PM
Tue 2/6/24 8:15 AM