Windows 10 deployment: Known issues

This is a list of known issues with the LSA Windows 10 deployment.


  1. Mathtype and EndNote Macros. (RESOLVED)
    • As of January, 2019, this issue is resolved.
  2. HTML files saved as .xls files. (Workarounds in place)
    • Some reporting systems save their reports as HTML files with a .xls file extension. Excel would normally just open them and handle the conversion, but due to security policies, Excel would not open them.
    • Business Objects has been updated to export to the .xlsx format, and the MRS system is in a staged update, which will resolve the issue with them. The Peoplesoft FINPROD system has no planned update to fix this.
    • There is a workaround to convert the file using a batch file and a Powershell script, but the GPO has been modifed to allow the file extension for now.
  3. PaperCut Client — This issue has been resolved since June 2018.
  4. USB-C Network Dongles
    • In some cases, building a computer with a USB-C Ethernet Dongle will result in a failed build due to it being unable to talk on the network during the task sequence.
    • When this occurs, after Drivers install, and after the "Initializing Devices", the Task Sequence window will reappear. Before it moves on to attempting to join the domain, you may un-plug and re-plug the USB-C ethernet adapter to reinitialize the device. You can press F8 to open a command prompt and use the command IPCONFIG to verify the problem beforehand, and verify the fix afterward if you wish.
    • No known resolution exists for this issue.
  5. Unable to shutdown computer
    • There are some cases where a machine will speed reboot and not fully shut down. It can be corrected following the information at: Deciding whether to bother with Fast Startup actually takes longer than turning it on or off.
    • First, open up your power options by pressing Windows+X or right-clicking your Start menu and selecting Power Options. In the Power Options window, click “Choose what the power buttons do.”
    • If this is the first time you’ve messed with these settings, you’ll need click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” to make the Fast Startup option available for configuration.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the window and you should see “Turn on fast startup (recommended),” along with other shutdown settings. Just use the check box to enable or disable Fast Startup. Save your changes and shut down your system to test it out.


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