What to do when WebCheckout is down?

This article provides a step-by-step guide for what to do when WebCheckout is down.


Process equipment loans and returns when WebCheckout is down.


LSA TS Media Center


Important pre-step

Make sure reservations are prepped AT LEAST two hours in advance! This way we’re still able to give out reserved orders with some measure of confidence even if WebCheckout goes down.

You will probably see a proxy error if WebCheckout goes down completely, or WCO won’t open at all.

While WebCheckout is down

  1. Verify with the other members of your shift team that they are having the same issue.
  2. If they aren’t, follow the process listed in "WCO is Giving me an Error Message."
  3. Call the other Loan Centers and find out if the issue is happening over there (and is a WCO issue) or not (in which it might be an IT issue within that building).
  4. The shift team splits duties:
    1. One person takes a screenshot or copy/paste the error and emails it to lsa-iss-wcoerror@umich.edu.
    2. One person prints out the manual WCO agreements and assists any patrons coming in (there is one for Mason - Central and one for MLB - Media Center):
      • On Canvas → Pages → Forms → WCO Manual Agreement (choose the one for the office you’re in)
      • On the Knowledge Base: Forms → WCO Manual Agreement
    3. If it is before 4PM on a weekday, one person calls, texts or G-Chats the Circulation Supervisor (734.274.7515).
  5. If there are only two people in the office, the next available team member does Step 4.3.
  6. Transactions when WCO is down:
    • Reservation pick-ups — Fill out the WCO Manual Form with the information. Note on the form that it is a reservation pick-up. Put it in a designated pile on the Loan desk.
    • Checkouts — Make any new checkouts as short as possible — no longer than to the end of that day. Put it in a separate designated pile on the Loan desk.
    • Returns — Perform return checks and test all equipment as usual. Leave all equipment in the testing area — do not put it back on the shelves! If the issue is localized to one office/building, send everyone who wants to do a checkout to the other office.
    • Reservation requests — Let the patron know that our reservation system is down and they should either email lsa-iss-reservations@umich.edu or come in/call later on in the day.
  7. Periodically check to see if WCO is back up (unless specifically told not to do this).

Once WebCheckout comes back up

  1. Team members split duties:
    1. One person goes through the WCO Manual Forms and enters each checkout or reservation pick-up in the system. Check for a cancelled reservation for those claiming to be picking up a reservation — we want to check to see if they were dishonest so they could get equipment for longer.
    2. One person returns all equipment in the testing area, then checks the shelves for any late returns in case someone accidentally put something back.
    3. If there is a third person, their primary responsibility is assisting patrons coming in or answering the phones. Assist on entering the WCO Manual Forms into the system when not actively assisting patrons.


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