DoE Lighthouse nodes

The DoE nodes reached end-of-life and were retired in May 2021. There is no actionable information in this article, but we haven't deleted it yet in case someone searches for it or if it has some short-term historical value.

The DoE nodes are two high-performance computers that are used by a collaboration of researchers in the Physics Department funded by a grant from the Department of Energy (DoE). They are deployed in Lighthouse, which is the successor to the Flux Operating Environment (FOE), where they were formerly. Access is restricted to the grantee faculty, plus their post-docs and graduate students.

Getting a user account

There are 3 basic steps to giving access to a user:

  1. The user must request a Great Lakes login account.
  2. The user must set up DUO for access.
  3. One of the faculty from the physdoe research group must approve their access by emailing

Using the physdoe Slurm account

To use this account, you'll need to include the following lines in your Slurm SBATCH script:

#SBATCH -A physdoe_project
#SBATCH -p physdoe

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