Wolfvision wireless presentation technology

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Explain changes in wireless presentation technology and contacts for additional information.

Wolfvision is the new wireless presentation standard, it is replacing Barco ClickShare.


Classrooms and conference spaces.

Additional notes

What is changing?

  • Our new standard for wireless presentation technology is the Wolfvision Cynap platform, including Cynap, Cynap Core, and Cynap Pure. (See this link for information of the differences across the platform.)
  • We are moving away from installing Barco ClickShares and other systems, but will continue to provide support for them on a best-effort basis until they are replaced (equipment at end-of-life, room upgrade, change in function, etc.).

Why is this changing?

  • Improves user experience:
    • No additional software is needed to use the Wolfvision Cynap products.
    • No additional hardware (such as a dongle) is needed either.
  • Multi-platform support using platform-standard connection protocols:
    • Airplay for MacOS and iOS devices
    • Miracast for Windows and Android devices
    • Chromecast for legacy support
  • Improves security:
    • Security vulnerabilities were recently found in many wireless presentation platforms including Barco ClickShares, however, all Barco ClickShares in LSA have been patched and/or disconnected from the network.
    • Wolfvision Cynap products receive frequent updates to remedy any discovered vulnerabilities and can be centrally updated and managed proactively.

I am the first point of contact, how does this change impact my interaction and communication with others?

If you receive tickets/calls, here are some likely questions and their answers.

“I have a Barco system, is it safe?”
Yes, it is safe from current known vulnerabilities, as long as it is disconnected from the network. All Barco systems should be disconnected from the network (our staff visited them all and disconnected them, though someone may have plugged them back in). We will continue to look for security vulnerabilities and address them on a best effort basis. When the device is at end-of-life and needs to be replaced, LSA Technology Services’ Academic Technologies Engineering team will be glad to work with you on selecting an appropriate replacement.
“I want wireless presentation in ___ space, what do I need to do to get it?”
“I saw a Barco in ____. Can you install one for me?”
“I need to update my Barco, will LSA Technology Services pay for the hardware?”
“How much does it cost to have wireless presentation installed in my classroom/office/conference room?”
Questions like this and requests for new Wolfvision systems should be referred to LSA TS Academic Technologies Engineering & Design (call 734.615.0100 and Support Services will forward the request) or email LSATS-WirelessProjection@umich.edu.
Cost, Size of Project, Timeline, and Scope depend on the type of space in which it is located, what other equipment is in the room, how old that equipment is, etc. Our LSA TS Academic Technologies Engineering team will consult with a group/department on their needs and work with them to determine the best solution and help with understanding cost implications.
At this time, wireless and other AV technology in departmental spaces continue to be the financial responsibility of the department and/or unit who has primary responsibility for the space. Any costs for new systems will lie with the department.
“Is there documentation on how to connect to a Cynap wireless presentation system?”
Yes, it was provided with your system, but we would be glad to bring you another laminated copy. (Current version is available on our web site.)
“I can’t connect to my Cynap wireless presentation system — what do I do?”
Please transfer the caller or make a call on their behalf to TAG (734.615.0100, Prompt 1).
For Tech Services staff who want to help with this (do not ask the users to do this themselves): The first thing to check is whether they are connecting to the correct room number. If the room number is correct and the user is getting the warning message: “Could not connect to “ROOM#-WirelessPresentation”, and if you are a Tech Services staff member and you know where the Cynap device is located, restart the Cynap by holding down the power button for 10 seconds to shut it down, then once again to restart it.

Tech Services Staff may also look for more information in the LSA Technology Services Support Services & Desktop Support to the Knowledge Base.


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