Getting started with LSA Citrix

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Citrix is a remote desktop and application software that allows end users to connect to a terminal server and interact with remote desktops or applications through HTTPS.


Access LSA Citrix and use remote applications or desktops.


Operating Systems:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


  1. Windows users should navigate to Mac and Linux users should navigate to
  2. Sign in with your uniqname and password.
  3. You will be prompted to "Detect Receiver" or "Open Citrix Receiver Launcher." Go ahead and click the button.
  4. Check the box to agree with the license, then select "Download" to begin downloading Citrix Receiver.
If the Citrix Receiver is installed, you may be prompted to "Always open applications of this type" with the receiver, the proper configuration should apply after this step, and the rest of the installation steps in this guide can be ignored.
  1. Save the Citrix Receiver installer, and open it when it is done downloading. You will be prompted for credentials; log in as UMROOT\uniqname.
  2. Select "Start."
  3. Check the box to accept the license agreement, and select "Next."
  4. Do not click "Enable Single Sign on," and select "Install."
  5. Click "Finish."
  6. Return to the web browser, and select "Continue."
  7. You will be prompted to "Always open files of this type" with the Citrix Receiver app. Tick the box, and select "Open Citrix Receiver launcher."
  8. At the sign on screen, sign in with your uniqname.
  9. You may now view the desktops and applications that your user has permission to access in the desktops or applications tab.

Additional notes

It is not necessary to install Citrix Receiver in order to access Citrix: If the browser doesn't detect the receiver, you may still log on, and use the web app that Citrix provides.


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