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Machines in 432 West Hall

Remember to save your data in your home directory and not on the desktop or any other local location on the machine. AFS, Dropbox, and Google Drive, are all good locations.
  • 2 Windows (STAT-432WH10A, STAT-432WH10B)
  • 5 Linux general use (fisher-lab1, fisher-lab2, fisher-lab3, fisher-lab4, fisher-lab5)
  • 1 Linux Visualization Server (visualize01)

Linux Lab Machines

You can sit at these machines directly or use SSH to access them remotely. Their names, purpose and specs are as follows.

  • (login node, 4-core)
  • (login node, 4-core)
  • (login node, 4-core)
  • (login node, 4-core)
  • (login node, 4-core)
  • (Visualization & CUDA computation server)

Remotely Connecting to the Machines

  1. Review the SSH page if you are not familiar with using SSH.
  2. Use SSH to connect to the respective machine, e.g. ssh

Home Directory

You have access to your AFS home directory as your main home directory.  Save your important data here. 

Scratch Space

On Visualize01, scratch space is available at /data/uniqname. This is a scratch space so that means only use it temporarily. Copy your code and data into your scratch space to run your computations.  Please note, data will not be recoverable from here if you lose it. You can copy your results back into your AFS home directory for safe keeping, or download it to your local machine.  This /data volume is also shared out as an NFS volume mounted on the fisher-lab machines at /nfs/data/uniqname.  The physical volume lives on visualize01 at /data, and is shared out from there to all the fisher-lab machines. Thus, this same scratch space is available across all the nodes.


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