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How can I list Math seminars on the web site?


LSA Mathematics seminars - Math web site.


The Math department keeps a dynamic listing of all seminars on its web site in a database with a web front end.  Seminar series coordinators can get access to the admin interface for entering, updating, and deleting seminar entries.  To request access to a series, please send an email to

In addition, some defaults can be setup for each seminar series – there is currently no interface for users to set these defaults, so seminar coordinators should send a request to to have this done. Default information is:

  • Default location
  • Default time
  • Header information (a paragraph of text displayed at the top of the seminars listing of each series, that can contain any pertinent information the coordinator wishes to include).
The header information should not contain any carriage returns or line feeds – this could result in poor formatting when the header is displayed.

Additional notes

The main URL to the seminars page is

The admin URL for series coordinators is

Any requests related to the seminars system should be sent to


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