Creating an MCommunity group

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Directions on how to log into MCommunity and create a MCommunity group.


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  1. Open a web browser (like Google Chrome).
  2. Go to the MCommunity home page.
  3. In the upper right, click "Log In."
  4. Enter your uniqname and Kerberos password and click, "Log In."
  5. In the upper right, "Guest" will change to your uniqname when you are logged in.
  6. Click "My Groups."
  7. Under your uniqname in the upper left, click "Create Group."
  8. Name your group.
  9. Pick the email address. This can be different from the group name.
  10. Enter a description of the group. This will show up when someone searches for your group.
  11. Click "Continue."
  12. Choose if you want "Anyone can join" or that "Owners must add members."
  13. Choose if you want the group's member list to be viewable by "Anyone" or if "Only members" can view the roster.
  14. Choose if "Anyone" can email the group or if "only members" can email the group.
  15. Click "Continue."
  16. Enter all the owners and members you wish to add to the group.
  17. Click "Finish."

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