Using Macros from MRS

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Some Excel downloads of reports in the Management Reporting System (MRS) have macros embedded in the workbook. These macros provide a formatted report in Excel. Users will notice the download will have a .xlsm extension rather than the normal .xlsx extension.


Enabling and running macros in Excel downloads from MRS.


When you open a macro embedded workbook in Excel, a security warning bar or dialog box might appear above the worksheet, warning you that the macros have been disabled.

Excel Security Notification.png

If you trust the file source (e.g., from MRS), go ahead and enable the macros by clicking the "Enable Content" or "Enable Macros" button. Using this method, you will need to enable the macro every time you download a new report from MRS.

After you have enabled the macro to run, a confirmation dialog box will appear that asks if you want the report to be formatted. If you answer Yes, a new worksheet (Tab) will be created with the formatted content.

Alternatively, you can by-pass the all security notifications by Enabling All Macros.

This is not recommended as you may unintentionally download and execute macros from other sources.
  1. In Excel, click FILE | Options | Trust Center.
  2. Then click Trust Center Settings | Macro Settings.
  3. In the dialog box, click "Enable all macros."
  4. Click OK to close the dialog boxes.


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