Software licenses available for students

This article discusses software licenses that are available for students at the University of Michigan.


What software is available for students?


Students at the University of Michigan


  • Microsoft Office 365 — All students, faculty and staff are allowed to obtain Office 365 for free on their personal machines using their umich email as long as your affiliation with the university continues. To obtain your copy please sign up with Microsoft.
Microsoft OneDrive should not be used for storing University information. Please see the Safe Computing site for more information.
  • EndNote — All students, faculty and staff may use EndNote on their personal computers. Please contact us by submitting a service request to in order to get EndNote on your computer. The software must be removed once you are no longer affiliated with the University.
MATLAB licensed under these conditions is never to be used for commercial use.

Software that can be purchased for personal use is listed on the Tech Shop page.

Additional Information

For more information on University Software licenses, please check out these articles:


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