Skype (Physics)

The Physics department has a Skype business account as an alternative to regular phones in order to reduce the cost of long distance calls.

Who can use the Physics Skype business account?

The Physics Skype account is open to all faculty and staff of the Physics Department.

What is the process for getting signed up?

  1. To request a Skype account, please submit a ticket.
  2. After the Skype Administrator activates and funds your account, you'll be ready to make your first call.

How much does it cost?

Participation in the program is free. Long distance calls (domestic or international) made through the Skype account will be paid for by the Physics Department.

Calls to toll-free numbers — US area codes 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844; and toll-free numbers in France (+33 800, +33 805, +33 809), Poland (+48 800), Taiwan (+886 80), and UK (+44 500, +44 800, +44 808) — are free on Skype. And Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

For comparison, we are not aware of how much (if anything) is charged for local calls from a University land line. But here is a list of the exchanges that are considered local. If you use Skype for these calls, you will incur the Skype long-distance rate.

How does this affect my regular office phone?

It does not affect it at all. The Skype software is completely independent from your land line, and is just an optional, cheaper way of making long distance calls.

Can I call anyone, or just other Skype users?

With this account, you can call any number. You can call land lines and cell phones anywhere in the world. The person you want to call does not need to have Skype. However, only Skype-to-Skype (and toll-free) calls are free.

What if I already have a Skype account?

  • You have the choice of signing up for the Physics business account under your existing Skype name (this will preserve all your contacts and allow people who already know your Skype name to keep contacting you in the same way). Alternatively, if you want to keep your personal account separate, you can sign up with a new identity.
  • If you already have the Skype software account installed on your machine, and you decide to join the Physics Skype account with a different identity, you'll be able to logon to Skype using either identity. If you have Skype autostart and autologon, you can go to the Account menu and choose to logon as a different user.

What platforms can I use Skype on?

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Mobile devices

Will I need a headset?

  • Yes, if you are using a desktop computer you will need a headset. LSA Technology Services can provide you with a headset upon request.
  • If you are using a laptop a headset is not required, but the sound quality is best with a headset since this will prevent feedback or echo issues.

Skype Balance Expiration Rules

What are the rules for Skype Credit expiry?

  • Skype Credit expires 180 days after your last credit purchase or action that used credit, e.g. calling landlines or cell phones, or sending an SMS message.
  • Each purchase, call or SMS message resets the expiry time to 180 days.
  • Unfortunately, if you don't use your remaining credit, it will expire to comply with normal business accounting rules.
  • We don’t want you to lose your credit, so we send reminder emails 30 days, 7 days and 72 hours before your credit expires.

How do you keep your balance active?

Do any of the following and your Skype Credit balance will be extended for another 180 days:

  • Call any phone (landline or mobile) - even if the call lasts for just one second.
  • Send an SMS message direct from Skype.


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