ArcGIS license update for 2021

February is the month when our campus site license renews for ESRI / ArcGIS products.


  • For many of you, this requires no action, and licenses have already rolled over behind the scenes. This includes licensing for many ArcGIS for Desktop installations, most ArcGIS Pro installations, and ArcGIS Online.
  • If you use ArcGIS Pro with the "named user" license, where you log in with your UM credentials, you are currently seeing a warning that the license is going to expire in 6 days, and you can currently continue using the software. We are actively working on resolving this issue and it will be fixed by the end of the week at the latest.
  • If you are using ArcGIS for Desktop (including ArcMap) from off campus, you are likely using the single use licensing method. This requires an update to continue using the software beyond February 28th.
  • If you use ArcGIS Pro on a computer that may not always have an internet connection, then you should use Single Use licensing instead of the usual way (Named User). This method also requires an update each February and needs to be updated now.​​​​​​​
  • The new single-use license files for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop, and instructions for applying them, have moved! This update is a self service process, available from the Software and Licensing Instructions site -- make sure to scroll down to see different software titles appear, and choose the appropriate one for detailed steps.

For anything else requiring a license update that is not covered above, or in the above documents, please email .



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