ArcGIS license update for 2017

March is the month when our campus site license renews for ESRI/ArcGIS products.

For many of you, this requires no action, and licenses have already rolled over behind the scenes. This includes licensing for most ArcGIS for Desktop installations, all ArcGIS Pro installations, ArcGIS Online, and most CityEngine installations.

If you are using ArcGIS for Desktop (including ArcMap) on a laptop, or on a desktop that is not wired to the campus network, you are likely using the single-use licensing method. This requires an update to continue using the software beyond March 31st. Licensing warnings will start popping up within 2 weeks of the expiration. The new single-use license file, and instructions for applying it, are self service and available in the "ESRI Products Download and Installation Instructions" document via the the ArcGIS Software Licensing and Distribution page.

For anything else requiring a license update that is not covered above, or in the above documents, please email


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