Shared accounts for U-M Google


Where can I find support and information on the following in regards to Shared U-M Google Accounts:

  • Request a Shared email account:Link
  • Send Mail as
  • Adding a Delegate user
  • Removing a Delegate user
  • Changing passwords to accounts
  • Calendar settings
  • Google Drive settings
  • How to manage a shared account


ITS' webpage provides information and support to these questions.

Additional notes

  • When logged into a department shared account as the main email account, any changes you make to the calendar, contacts, or settings will be set for ALL users of the department shared account. We recommend to not change, edit, or delete any events, settings, or contacts without contacting the owner of the group first! For example: If you delete or change an event of a calendar because you will not be able to make it, it will be deleted for ALL users of the shared account!
  • Password changes for your department shared email account can be tricky and recommend contacting ITS for support 4-HELP (734.764.4357)
  • When requesting a department shared account, in the notes section you can add details of the users/delegates you would like to have access to the shared account.


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