Math computing labs

The Mathematics department has five computing labs in the basement. These are primarily used for instruction, but they are a department and University resource, and their use is encouraged.


This is an article that explains where the Math computing labs are located, what they are used for, what software they have, and who to contact for more detailed information.


The Math Computer Labs are located in the basement of East Hall. The labs are located in a small hallway that is behind doors on the Mathematics side of East Hall.


The Math computing labs are located in the basement of East Hall. They are in rooms B727, B735, B737, B743, and B745.

One of the labs, B727 East Hall, is designated as an open lab and we try not to schedule it for classes. Its purpose is for students to work outside of classroom hours, for students and faculty to do research, for development and testing of course and instructional materials that will be used in the other labs, and for general computing.

The other four labs, B735, B737, B743, and B745, are primarily opened for classes. Their schedules are maintained by the Mathematics Undergraduate Program office. If you need to schedule a lab, please contact the Math Undergrad Office.

The schedules for the labs are online at

Additional notes

Please note that all the machines in the Math computing labs are Apple iMacs.

We have installed a limited range of software on the lab computers. The lab computers are synchronized nightly, and getting new software installed can take some time. If you would like additional software installed, please send mail to the LSA Technology Services IT Service Desk and allow at least a couple of weeks for us to get it installed and distributed. We have been largely successful installing software this way, but there have been times when the software is resistant.

Here is an abbreviated list of software that may be of interest for Math classes.

  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab (with many toolboxes)
  • Excel Solver
  • MacTeX

In addition, programs such as MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat are also installed.

For more detailed information on the labs,


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