GIS access after leaving U-M

This article discusses what graduating students need to do to maintain access to ArcGIS and their content.


Maintain access to ArcGIS and your content, like Web Maps and StoryMaps, after graduating from U-M.


Esri ArcGIS users graduating from U-M.


Who is this message for?

Graduating students or those otherwise leaving the University of Michigan.

What is this message about?

After graduating or leaving the University, you will no longer be able to login; however, your content will not be immediately deleted. (Access for students not enrolled over Spring/Summer but returning in the Fall will continue as usual.)

What do I need to do?

If you want to maintain access to ArcGIS and your content, like Web Maps and StoryMaps, then you need to transfer the content from your U-M ArcGIS Online account to another ArcGIS Online location.

You have several options:

  1. Transfer to another U-M user — If you own content that you created in collaboration with others at U-M, and they are still dependent on it (and they are still eligible to use ArcGIS), then you should transfer the ownership of that content to them. For instance, if you created a StoryMap or Web Map for a faculty member to use in their research or teaching, then you should have ownership of those items transferred to them. (More info in FAQ.)
  2. Transfer to an ArcGIS for Personal Use subscription — This is a fully functional environment, just like you have been using at U-M, but just for you. You can transfer your content here, and continue to work on it and share it with others, such as potential employers to highlight your skills. It is also a great environment with which to continue developing and expanding your GIS skills, and includes free access to most of Esri’s training materials. It is for professional development purposes and cannot be used in for-profit activities. The cost is $100 per year. (More info in FAQ.)
  3. Transfer to another ArcGIS Online organization — If you will be heading off to a job or enrolling elsewhere, and your new organization has their own ArcGIS Online subscription, you could transfer your content to their organization (if they permit this) (More info in FAQ.)
  4. Delete your content — You can delete any content you no longer need. Your content will not be stored indefinitely after you leave the University, and eventually will be deleted. (More info in FAQ.)

If you need help determining what to do with your content, assistance with the various transfer options, or have other questions about ArcGIS, please feel free to contact us at

You may also find the answers you need in our FAQ.

Additional notes

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