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This article discusses choosing if and how you outreach to U-M faculty, staff, students or subjects; choosing the correct security measures; and setting up your SMS tool.


Choose if and how you outreach to U-M faculty, staff, students or subjects; choose the correct security measures; set up your SMS tool.


One or more of:

  • Amazon
  • Programming with internal-to-U-M server
  • An external vendor like Twilio.


If you want to do outreach to anyone from a U-M unit please follow these best practices.

  1. Begin with knowing your audience for SMS:
    • Students
    • Human subjects (requires IRB approval)
    • Faculty and staff
    • Prospective students
  2. Know the general rules for U-M in establishing in these services in practice:
    • The audience member must check a box that declares the following (Note: Cannot be a pre-checked box for opt in - the user must check it):
      • What it’s for (the SMS messages)
      • How many messages
      • It might cost you money (data rates may apply)
    • Get an automated text later that you must send a reply to fully opt in.
    • Additionally, we must honor people opting out at any time and not contact them or be liable for failing to opt them out.

Each case should be reviewed for security issues based on audience.

Additional notes

If you are communicating with students internal to U-M please consider using the Michigan Mobile App and push instead of SMS contact.

Metadata: SMS Mobile Push notifications


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