LibraryThing in 10 steps

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What is LibraryThing?

“LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.”  It can be used to create a catalog of your books.  It can group and tag books.  You can also participate social aspects of the tool (member forums, Early Reviewers program, etc.).

Why use it?

It’s a great free tool to create an easy web searchable catalog of your book and print resources.

Take a tour of the tool

Take a quick tour.

Get an account

Visit and click on Join Now button below "Become a member?".

For personal collections of books sign up feel free to sign up for an individual account (See details at:

For departments who want to put their book collections online, we recommend getting a shared google account for your unit and creating your needed collections and using that to sign up for and organizational account (See details at:  See our Internal Procurement Instructions.

Visit the wiki


Create your needed catalogs

If you have more than one catalog or collection, it may be beneficial to set those up before adding or importing your books.

Add your books

From the home page, once you have signed in click on Add books to your library » You can search for books to add.

  1. Enter your search criteria.
  2. If your book is not found, you can add it manually by clicking on the Add manually at the bottom of the add books page. It redirects to where you can manually add the details of the work you need to put in your collection.
  3. Lt-loc.jpg
    Click on your book to add it.  You can add tags and change it’s catalog by expanding the quick edit area.
  4. Add to your choice of collection or to your base library.
  5. If you are dealing with a physical book and would like to label your book via the Library of Congress labeling system, click on the link to the book then on Book Details on the left side navigation.  You can then create a label with that numbering to adhere to your book and shelf the book as appropriate.

Import records

Import Records into Library Thing from your existing catalog: From the home page, once you have signed in click on Import books »

  1. Per the page: “Alternately, if you format your file with a precise set of columns, it will import everything in those columns. See the sample spreadsheet at the bottom of this page for the format needed.”  It must be in this specific format.  See Tips Importing in LibraryThing.
  2. The sample .csv file is at: LibraryThingSample.csv
  3. The fields include:
    1. 'TITLE'
    2. 'AUTHOR (last, first)'
    3. 'DATE'
    4. 'ISBN'
    6. 'TAGS'
    7. 'RATING'
    8. 'REVIEW'
    9. 'ENTRY DATE'

If you need assistance with importing records, email

Link off to your library catalog

You can click on any of the catalogs to get a direct link to your catalog.  If you only have one you may want to just use the default<youraccountname>.

Additional notes

Learn about additional options:


Library Books


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