Introduction to technology resources for undergraduate students

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See our Getting Started Guide.

LSA TS help is available by emailing or calling 734.615.0100.

Department liaisons for specialized help

Regardless of your kind of research, store it safely

U-M DropboxU-M Google, and U-M Box all have unlimited storage until you leave the university. 

Consider getting a backup program system for your personal machine. We use CrashPlan for U-M machines. However, it is not available any longer for personal use but they will let you purchase the small business options. Here are the Top 10 reviews for backup options for Windows and Mac.

Free research tools available to you


  1. Make storymaps, collect and analyze geographic data:
  2. Guide to resources for learning ArcGIS:

Survey Collection tools:

  1. Qualtrics — A survey tool for collecting data including voice data/
  2. BlueJeans — A video conference tool that is cleared for use to collect qualitative research from human subjects.

Sources of data (either free or free to you)

Make accessing and using the literature easier

Get software and support for your personally owned machine

U-M Tech Shop

What systems or software packages are available for use?

Knowledge about Data

Knowledge about Analysis


Undergraduate Students

Additional notes

Undergraduate Student Technology Resources


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