Windows 10 command prompts missing from the Start menu


Locating the command prompt options in the start menu on Windows 10 build 1703 or higher.


  • Windows 10
  • Command prompt (cmd)
  • version 1703


  1. Place mouse cursor onto the task bar.
  2. Right click on taskbar, choose 'Taskbar Settings', which is the last option you can chose from.
  3. Under taskbar settings, which is the second from the last you should see "Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu..." as shown in the following image:
    Win10 command.png
  4. If the option is turned on turn it off.
  5. This will replace the power shell option in the Start menu with the command prompt option.
  6. Right click the Windows logo or press the Windows logo key and X on the keyboard to confirm.


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Wed 5/27/20 10:36 AM
Mon 6/28/21 4:17 PM