Psychology computing resources

A non-exhaustive list of computing resources in the Psychology department


What kind of computing resources are there in Psychology?


LSA Psychology, East Hall


  • Psych Conference RoomsSee the Psychology web site's Room Schedules page.
  • B250 and B254 Computer labs — Can be used by faculty, graduate students, staff, and post docs affiliated with the department.  Undergraduate groups may also request to use the rooms.  Honors students may use the rooms on a faculty request. See [[lsaweb:psych/resources/room-schedules.html the Room Schedules page] to reserve those rooms.
  • 2nd floor grad lab (2035 East Hall) — These computing labs are available to authorized users only.  Students can inquire with their advisers about the use of these rooms.
  • Sites Printers (for Students) — Can be found in 1236 East Hall (SAA Office), 2035 East Hall (Grad computing lab), and B250/B254 East Hall (computing labs).

Additional notes

There is an LSA TS walk-in location on the first floor in East Hall, in room 1069. LSA and U-M offer many more shared computing resources - feel free to walk in to the LSA TS - East Hall office for more information, or simply send an email to


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