Leaving the University of Michigan

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When you are preparing to leave U-M, you may want to consider the following information.

What resources do you retain when you leave?

Visit the ITS page "Leaving the U" for details.

If you need to maintain a relationship after you leave due to joint research work that will continue, you will need to be sponsored by the department of your collaborator. They can sponsor your uniqname to continue. Visit the ITS page "Managing Your Digital Files and Information When You Leave U-M" for advice on transitioning resources.

Please note that many of the software titles that you can purchase as a student are no longer available to you for use once you graduate and should be removed from your devices. GIS users are no longer eligible to use Esri resources under our Academic Site License. Esri is working on providing students who graduate with 2 years of access to ArcGIS Online via the Esri Young Professionals Network. Refer to our "GIS Access After Leaving U-M" article for more information.

What about your intellectual property when you leave?

Per the Technology Transfer office:

Who owns the intellectual property I create?

Ownership depends upon the employment status of the creators of the invention and their use of university facilities and other resources. Considerations include:

  • What is the source of the funds or resources used to produce the invention?
  • What was the employment status of the creators at the time the intellectual property was made?
  • What are the terms of any agreement related to the creation of the intellectual property?

As a general rule, U-M owns inventions made by its employees while acting within the scope of their employment or using university resources. U-M’s copyright policy describes the applicable rules for copyrightable works. In some cases, the terms of a Sponsored Research Agreement or Materials Transfer Agreement may impact ownership. When in doubt, it is best to contact the U-M Tech Transfer office for advice.

Technology Considerations in a New Organization

Think about what resources you have used at U-M that made an impact on making your dissertation research possible. Also think about those resources you needed but perhaps could not afford or find as a student. Be sure to negotiate for these needed resources in helping you meet your next milestones in teaching and research.


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