Emergency Scholarship


What can we do for students who don't have a computer or necessary tools to learn remotely during times with unforeseen financial challenges outside of their control?


The student can apply for an emergency scholarship.

What does the scholarship cover?

For qualified LSA students, an Emergency Scholarship can cover educational expenses (tuition, fees, room and board, books, and so on) and non-educational expenses (food, utility bills, prescriptions, emergency travel, health insurance, medical bills, and so on) as long as the student has experienced a recent unexpected emergency.

What constitutes an emergency?

This scholarship is intended to help students facing financial hardship due to an unforeseen dire circumstance. Examples include sudden illness (Such as Covid-19), loss of an immediate family member, major accidents, and natural disasters. Poor financial choices do not constitute an emergency (e.g., credit card debt, poor use of financial aid funding, or loans of your need-based aid to friends or family). This scholarship is not intended to supplement a student's financial aid package, and we cannot award funds beyond what a student's aid package allows.

How can someone apply?

Complete the LSA Emergency Scholarship application. Applications are reviewed on a regular basis.

Direct any questions about this scholarship to LSAScholarships@umich.edu.


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