U-M Online Directory (MCommunity)


Does U-M have an online directory of all affiliated persons?


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Yes! Everyone affiliated with the University of Michigan has an entry in the MCommunity Directory. You should check your entry in the Directory, both logged in as yourself to view the settings and at least once while not logged in so you can see what information is available publicly and anonymously.

The directory’s other primary function is as an e-mail forwarder. That is, your e-mail address is uniqname@umich.edu and mail sent to that address goes through the directory, which& then looks up your e-mail forwarding address and passes mail along to all e-mail addresses listed there. If you are in LSA, the address is uniqname@go.mail.umich.edu” (the actual Google account address) unless you change it or add another address to your e-mail forwarding address list.

The target domain changed from go.itd.umich.edu to go.mail.umich.edu in March 2021.

The address for the directory is https://mcommunity.umich.edu/.


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