Writing your dissertation

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When it comes to your dissertation, start with your committee and get advice.  Also, talk to your subject specialist about how to manage your references.  Reach out for support when you need it.

What writing tools are available?

We recommend you use the supported tool for writing your dissertation defense which is Microsoft Word (How to get Microsoft Word at U-M).

Templates are available from the Library guide.

What reference tools are available?

Who can help me?

The U-M Scholar Space will help with dissertation formatting questions and relating to the software above.

Rackham provides a formatting guide.


PhD students preparing for their dissertation.

Additional notes

Having trouble getting the words down? Write or Die will annoy you until you reach your goal.

Other tools that are not supported for the dissertation that you could use to export into Word Format are:

Get to know Deep Blue: Deep Blue is where your dissertation will eventually be published at U-M. You will need to provide key words for this. Take a look around Deep Blue to determine the key words you would like to use for your dissertation.

Rackham also has a Guide to navigating your degree.


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