Canvas for transcription

Canvas for transcription: Easy as 1–4!

Canvas can be used for transcribing videos and audio files. It can save time in qualitative research.


  • Canvas
  • Qualitative Researchers


Creating a transcription

  1. Go to your "My Media," choose a recording from your list of files.
  2. Click on the Actions Button under it.
  3. Choose Order Captions → Select Language → "Order Captions." It may take a while to process depending on length of video (10–30 minutes). The degree of accuracy will vary depending on factors such as how clearly the speaker enunciates, the content (lots of acronyms?), the quality of the audio, background noise, and so on.
  4. Choose Actions → +Caption Requests then click "COMPLETE" link to open the online editor. Click the Approve button to update your captions file.

You will need to review the transcription for accuracy especially if you require ADA-compliant captions for accessibility. The transcript contains the same text as captions. If you edit and approve the captions, the transcript is updated as well. Depending on the player configuration, you may be able to download the transcript from the interactive widget. If you are the media owner, you can access the captions and transcripts file via the Edit button.

Exporting transcribed media

When the video is done being processed for the transcription, in the media gallery:

  1. Click on that video; there should be an "Actions" button.
  2. You can then click on "+ Caption Requests" (see Figure 1).
    Caption requests
    Figure 1: Caption Requests
  3. Which will show you something like what is in Figure 2. Then, if you click "Edit" it should put you in the media tool.
    The capture status
    Figure 2: The capture status
  4. From the media tool, in the upper left, if you click "Bulk Edit" (see Figure 3).
    Bulk Edit menu item
    Figure 3: Bulk Edit menu item
  5. That should show you the whole transcript in a way that you can select all of it and copy and paste it into another application like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Other fee-based options

Professional, fee-based captioning service is also available through MiVideo. Professional captions are 99% accurate and ADA-compliant. For more information, please email and request a quote. Human Professional captions currently cost $1.67/min ($100/hour) and are returned in 48 hours. Rates may vary as contracts change. Ask for the latest prices in your request to 4HELP.

Additional notes

For more details see the full documentation.


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