Giving guests and collaborators access to U-M resources


How can a guest or a collaborator gain access to U-M computing resources?


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Visitors and collaborators who need access to U-M resources need to be sponsored through the MCommunity system:

  • When visitors only need to be able to log in to department machines, or access the wireless network, they can be sponsored as "Short Term Guests;" the only information needed is their Full Name and a non-U-M email address.
  • If visitors or collaborators need access to resources other than the wireless network and basic logon (AFS space for example), they can be sponsored through MCommunity as "Academic Affiliates." In this case, the information listed below is required.

Faculty and admin staff can request an individual sponsorship through ITS by filling out the formBe aware that it usually takes at least a day to receive sponsorship information from ITS.

In addition, the IT staff can do this for you quickly when needed. Please just send in a support request containing the required information as specified in the "Additional notes" section.

Additional notes

Information required for a "Short Term Guest" sponsorship:

  • Full Name
  • Non-U-M email address

Information required for "Academic Affiliate" sponsorship:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (in MM/DD/YYYY format)
  • Non-U-M email address such as
  • Personal contact telephone number
  • Personal contact address
  • Desired U-M uniqname (OPTIONAL)
  • How long the person is going to need access?
  • What other services are required (U-M Email account, AFS access, printing to Sites printers, and so on)

ITS Article on MCommunity Sponsorhip


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