East Hall computing support


What type of support is provided by the LSA Technology Services' East Hall team?


Departments in the East Hall region — Psychology, Math, Economics, Linguistics, East Quad, International Institute, and ELI.


Our office is a shared location for computing resources. We have a reception desk in 1069 East Hall with people available there 8am to 5pm to answer your questions. To place a support request, simply send us an email at LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu.

Among other things you will find help for:

Consultations on:

  • Instructional technologies and assistance with classroom issues.
  • Availability of services at the University in general
  • Development of enabling technologies for Research
  • Automation of business processes
  • Research computing software development

Purchasing:  Our staff will research options and recommend specific products to meet your requirements, and will facilitate all IT-related ordering.

Installations:  We handle hardware and software installations for computers, printers, and peripherals.

Network Access & Use:  We manage the computer network, but not wireless access.  All computers must be registered with LSA TS – East Hall in order to function on the wired network.

Software Support:  We can install all software licensed by the University of Michigan, the College of LS&A, the various departments, and individual licenses purchased by our faculty.  We also provide version updates and patch applications. 

Systems Troubleshooting:  LSA TS – East Hall will provide on-site diagnosis of software problems, and repair or reinstall licensed software.

Hardware Repair:  We will come to your office or lab and provide on-site diagnosis of problems with Apple, PC, and LINUX computers and peripherals.  Advanced hardware repairs for equipment that is still under warranty will be sent to the Tech Shop for repair.

Additional Information

The list above is not exhaustive. We provide support for many instances of research, teaching, and administrative work. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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