Removing Boomerang from Gmail and Google Chrome

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Save money and replace your paid subscription for Boomerang with the same features using "Schedule Send" in Gmail which is free and protected by U-M. You should remove your Boomerang account because it does not have a University of Michigan Data Protection Agreement (DPA). The DPA is required whenever a service provider will collect, process, or maintain institutional data.

Click here for information regarding canceled subscriptions for Boomerang


The following list is included in an alert from Google the first time you use and grant access to Boomerang. Keeping in mind the types of data we encounter daily at the University of Michigan, allowing a third party full access could put private or sensitive information at risk.

Boomerang grants access to a number of functions in Gmail and it can:

  • Read your emails
  • Compose new emails
  • Add new emails meant for a different email address into your inbox
  • Send emails for you
  • Delete your email
  • Create, change or delete your email labels


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Make the switch to Gmail’s “Schedule send” if you have used or currently use Boomerang to schedule emails, you must follow both bullet points to fully remove Boomerang, as shown in the following video:

  • Remove Boomerang Extension from Google Chrome:
    1. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Chrome window to bring up the settings menu.
    2. Go to "More Tools" and allow the submenu to expand.
    3. Click "Extensions:"
      Extensions Settings.png
    4. Find Boomerang in your list of extensions and click "Remove."
    5. Click "Remove" in the dialog box that opens in the top-right corner of the browser window:
      Boomerang Extension Removal.png
  • Remove Boomerang from your Google Account:
    1. Navigate to and log-in if necessary.
    2. On the left navigation column click "Security."
    3. On the right side scroll until you see the section titled "Google apps with account access" and click "Manage access" at the bottom of this section:
      Security Settings Link.png
    4. Find Boomerang in your list of apps and click on it to expand the information.
    5. Click "Remove Access" then click "OK" in the dialog box that opens:
      Boomerang Access Removal.png
    6. Boomerang will no longer have access to your Google account or Gmail messages.

Additional notes

For more information please visit ITS U-M Google Updates Page.

Click here for information regarding canceled subscriptions for Boomerang


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