My mouse won't scroll

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Is your Mighty Mac mouse having issues lagging or jumping while scrolling? Or not scrolling at all?


If your mouse has stopped scrolling when you are browsing or the scrolling gets stuck at certain times


Anyone using a Mac (Mighty) mouse


There may be dirt or dust lodged in the device


The easiest way to dislodge dirt is to lay a piece of paper on a table or other flat surface to provide a slight friction surface, and then turn the mouse upside down and roll the ball rapidly around on the paper. This allows for more rapid movement of the ball than just using a cloth around one's finger. In addition, if users do this on a counter or glass surface they can try soaking the paper in isopropanol so it will run up into the roller mechanism during the rapid rolling action (excerpt from: cnet).

Additional notes

If it is a university provided mouse and you would prefer not to do the above, or if you still have problems with the mouse, please bring it to our offices and we will happily clean it or exchange it for you if we have mice in stock.  If your computer is out of warranty or if we do not have mice in stock, we will need a shortcode to place the order for a new one.


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