Google Team Drive

What should I know before I request a Google Team Drive?

Google Team Drive has functionality that may not be what users expect. It is best to consider these items before making the transition to a team drive.


Cloud Storage for group sharing.


There are some specific things about how Google Team Drive works that are worth reviewing before deciding on using a team drive:

  • File Ownership — The team drive owns the files stored on it. The bad news is that all folders within the team drive have equal access; i.e., sub folders cannot block access of people who have access to the top level of the drive. This should be fine in many cases. The important thing will be to walk through the file use scenarios with IT before requesting a team drive. The work around when different permission levels are needed is to create separate team drives by the need to access the files in the folder. However, if the use case requires numerous Team Drives other alternatives may be better.
  • File Management — All users who have "full" access can manipulate the movement of files including deleting them. Each Team Drive has its own trash. All files/folders in trash are deleted permanently after 30 days. If you don't trust giving full permission to all members of the team then the owner of the team drive must curate the files (i.e., delete unneeded items). A great diagram of the permissions may be helpful.
  • Using MCommunity Groups for File Sharing — Google Team Drive can navigate nested MCommuntiy groups permitting all sub groups to the Team Drive. However, external email addresses in those groups do not get invited or permitted properly. They must be added by hand in addition to the MCommunity group. This is slightly better than Box since it cannot navigate nested MCommunity groups nor does it sync the non U-M email addresses in them even at the topmost group level.

Additional notes

ITS can come in to your unit and walk through options on both Google and Box. Reach out to the service owner.

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