Installing printers for Macs in East Hall


Ease the installation of shared departmental printers on managed and unmanaged Macs.


OS X 10.7+


  1. Download appropriate Printer Package disk image from Google Drive.
  2. Open the downloaded disk image file.
  3. Open a Finder window and browse to the mounted disk image. It should be under "Devices" in the sidebar.
  4. From the disk image, run the installer package. Use the customize button on the second installer package pane to opt out of unwanted print queues.
  5. If you log in to your machine with something other than your uniqname, run the Personal Printing Supplement application and enter your uniqname when prompted.
  6. Test the printer. If everything seems to be working, you can eject and delete the disk image file.


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Tue 5/26/20 9:26 PM
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