Requesting classroom software for teaching

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A Guide for Faculty and GSIs to request software for use in classes

For an LSA Classroom Machine:

Deadlines:  Be sure to submit your requests by the following dates relating to each semester: (

Email and include:

  • the classroom the software is needed in
  • your class name
  • the name of the software needed
  • the date you need it by
  • any special instructions for the software including other software needed for this title to work

For UM SITES computer labs or teaching rooms:

Take a look at the software handbook:

IMPORTANT: Notice the dates required for submission prior to each term listed in this document.

  • Visit:
  • Click on Software submission - You will be prompted to log in.
    • You will need to have the following information about the software you need:
      • Department (e.g. Statistics)
      • Class Name (e.g. Intro. to Statistics)
      • Class Number (e.g. 350) (optional)
      • Section Number (optional)
      • Class Type
        • Internal UM Academic Use--No Fee Charged
        • Internal UM Academic Use with Fee Charged (expedited service)
        • Administrative or External Non-Profit (fees are associated with this category)
        • External For Profit (fees are associated with this category)
      • Software Title (e.g. Excel)
      • Version (e.g. 9.1)
      • Vendor/Author (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)
      • Platform (e.g. Mac or Windows) Note: If both mac and windows, separate requests are needed.  Create one request for each type of machine.
      • What hardware does this software require, if any?
      • What other software does this software require, if any?
      • Can you provide proof of licensing for this software?
        • How many licensed copies should we deploy?
      • When should the software be deployed? Date
      • How would you like this software to be deployed? (what locations?  It gives a list of sites locations to choose from.)
      • A list of Associated Users: Associated users are authorized to view the details of this request and modify it if necessary. Note: All users must create an account on CRISS if they haven’t before. They will need to in order to be able to view and modify the request.
      • How will you be submitting the software? (If you choose url, please provide URL for download)
      • If you'll be providing documentation, please tell us where to find it.
      • Additional notes about this request, if any.
    • You and your Associated Users will get an email confirmation and subsequent update emails that include software expiration date.


Software classes instructional

Additional notes

If you do not have the needed software licensed, reach out to for assistance.


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