Getting the M: drive back


Fixing a drive mapping to AFS home in Windows for LSA Econ department


LSA Econ, Windows

In the Econ department in LSA, many windows machines (most notably in the computing lab in 367 Lorch) map the user's AFS home to the M: drive. If this drive mapping disappears, here's how to get it back.


First reboot the machine to see if the drive mapping comes back - if not,

  1. Go to Start > Computer
  2. Click on Map Network Drive
  3. Choose the drive letter you want to map to
  4. In the Folder field, enter "\\afs\\user\u\n\uniqname" (replace u and n with the first 2 letters of your uniqname, respectively)
  5. Check Reconnect at Logon if you want this mapping to be permanent
  6. Click on Finish

Additional notes

This assumes that the OpenAFS client is installed on the computer.


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Tue 5/26/20 6:16 PM
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